Well That F*cked Me Up

Check out my podcast episode with Luke and Kyle of the Well That F*cked Me Up podcast, talking about my life with a traumatic brain injury: how it happened, the roller coaster journey, the struggles, and lessons learned.
Jennifer Soames was involved in a horse riding accident 10 years ago, and we welcome her to the show as she recounts the accident itself, and explains how that was just the very beginning of her long and continuing journey of recovery. Every brain injury (including stroke) is different and unique, and yet the experience of trauma and moving forward from it is one to which most people connect. Jennifer discusses the pain and frustration, loneliness, and the growth that comes with this journey. Developing PTSD, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, dysautonomia and more has affected her in every aspect of my life, yet also taught her the most valuable lessons in processing grief, setting and respecting boundaries, being proactive, acceptance, and resilience. No matter what circumstances. Amazing!!